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Endorsed by Volleyball Victoria

SERVA (South East Region Volleyball Academy) offer a professional learning environment with the aim of providing a healthy and energetic after school activity for male and female school aged children. SERVA is committed to providing players, of all ages in the South East Region, the opportunity to participate, learn and enhance skills to the best of their ability.


SERVA aims to act as a positive pathway to club, state and national programs for Volleyball League.

volleyball coaching melbourne SERVA
volleyball victoria

Volleyball Victoria is the peak body for volleyball in the state and the only entity authorised by VA, which in turn is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and FIVB (International Federation of Volleyball) to manage the sport of volleyball in Australia. Further,

VV is recognised by the State Government as the State Sporting Association for volleyball in Victoria. Volleyball Victoria’s recognition incorporates both disciplines of volleyball, beach and indoor, and members deriving from either discipline share equal rights, benefits, and privileges.

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