2020 Women in Sport Breakfast


So Proud and Honoured to be recognised for our contribution to women and girls in sport.

Wonderful enlightening zoom meeting with an amazing panel providing faith and encouragement for sport, for community cohesion, social change and hope! We will get post COVID, and we will be back bigger and stronger than ever.

Thank you Volleyball Victoria for nominating us.

We hope that everyone will help us maintain the COVID 19 protocals as we begin to get back to some sort of normality. That will include:

  1. Signing in upon arrival - if parents can ensure their child's details are written on the attendance                                                          sheets provided ( if players are over 15 they can enter their own details)

  2. Ensuring you have sanitiser with you

  3. Wearing a mask to and from the venue

  4. Please be dressed and ready to start training within 5 mins of arriving

  5. Please aim to be on time as much as possible

  6. We ask you to leave the venue within 10 mins of the completion of trainng

  7. Ensure you maintain the 1.5 m social distancing as much as practically possible

 What is V I P?


V I P  is here.

V I P is a non for profit entity,

offering the best coaches, the best technologies and the best opportunities to develop the best volleyballers.


We cater for the ages of 14 and up.

Looking forward to entering our first teams in State League 2021.


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