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 Indoor State Team Squads Announced 

We are incredibly proud to announce  7 members of our SERVA community have been selected in the Indoor State Team Squad.

A big congratulations to you all and hopefully you will all make it into the State Teams.

Well done to :

Jess Turner           - U/14

Alice Berry            - U/14

Louise Eymin        - U/14

Izabella Cheng      - U/14

Ishan Shamar        - U/14

David Lee               - U/14

Inna Huang           - U/15

Watch out for these names  they are our future stars!!


Welcome back to what we hope is going to be an exciting year of volleyball.

SERVA will be starting training on:

Friday 5th Feb through until Friday March 26th. 8 week term

Spikezone/Beginners -                 4:45 - 5:45 pm

Whitezone A + Whitezone B -    4:45 - 6:00 pm

Blackzone  -                                     6:15 -  7:45 pm

Tealzone -                                         8:00 - 9:30 pm


VIP (Volleyball Institute of Performance) began because SERVA members were unable to play in the State League Competition. The top level of volleyball in our state.

So VIP was established a non for profit volleyball club

SERVA is an academy designed for our younger players 8-16 yo to develop their skills through more individualized coaching once a week. SERVA is also involved in school based development, running programs in school hours to promote and encourage children and adolescents to play volleyball.

Our aim is to develop our younger players and guide them into teams in VIP and play at the highest level of competition in our state.  All 6 teams are currently full although we do need more junior boys to play in the u/18 State League competition. If you are interested please contact Narene 0421 322 256 or submit the EOI below.

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